New City Financial is awesome. My rep Anthony was very patient and answered all of my questions. He was very professional and did not mince words. I knew what was going on at every step in the process and if I did have a question, it was answered immediately. The one thing I love about these guys, is that when you call, they answer. They are a big brokerage but you can always get them on the phone. Not like when you call your mortgage company and no one returns your call for 3 weeks. New City Financial treated me like family. I would recommend them to anyone. They have me as a client for life.

Joseph R. – Beaumont, CA

I am a Realtor and property investor in the big apple. I use New City Financial for my mortgages and I recommend all my clients and friends to Baron Domenico. Baron is the president and The GUY you want to use when going through this process. He’s straight forward, knowledgeable and always available to answer any questions or concerns you have. I emailed him once at 2am and he answered. After talking to him, you really see that he has a passion for the industry and genuinely cares about his clients.

Robert Angioli – New York, NY

I was going through foreclosure on my property and my lender wouldn’t help me. I called multiple companies and attorneys but no one would help me. It got to the point that companies would hang up on me when I called. I found New City Financial and they were the only ones who cared. They took on my case and got me a loan modification. They were able to get my home out of foreclosure and get my mortgage payments down, saving me $450 a month. They always kept me posted even after business hours. I can say that they really cared. I will always be thankful and recommend them to anyone.

Marisa Donati – Queens, NY

We chose New City Financial based on a recommendation from a friend. It was one of the best decision we ever made. We’re first time home buyers and had tons of questions throughout the process. The guys at New City Financial were straightforward with us from the beginning and took the time to explain things to us. They made the process smooth and relatively easy. We highly recommend New City Financial, they’re awesome!

David & Sandra Williams – Fort Collins, CO

New City Financial is simply the best. I received a free consultation for a loan modification. They answered all my questions and helped me start the loan modification process. After I spoke with Danny, I realized a loan modification is unique case by case. There are far too many options which requires a professional who knows and understands home mortgage loans, and has the technical financial knowledge in order to negotiate a proper loan modification. My bank would have screwed me if it wasn’t for New City Financial. Thanks again.

Billy H. – Greeneville, TN

I wanted to buy my first home but could not get financing from anyone. With my bad credit, the only option I had was owner financing. After talking to my sister, she referred me to New City Financial. I spoke with Jessica. She explained to me that with owner financing, the owner keeps the deed until I pay off the loan. If I was late just 1 day, they could throw me out of the house. Jessica was able to find me financing through a private bank. I must have been turned down by 50 lenders and New City Financial was able to get me approved with 3 days. These people are amazing.

Missy Johnson – Mobile, AL

My hours were cut back at work. I could no longer afford my $2000 monthly mortgage payment. After searching online for days, I found New City Financial. They explained to me that a loan modification would be my best bet. After reading there reviews online, I decided to work with them. Best decision I ever made. These guys know their stuff. My rep Tasha was very helpful. She explained that the company had been there for 15 years and that the owner had very good relationships with the majors banks, as well as a bulletproof legal team. They were able to get my mortgage payments down to $1100. I was so relieved. I was finally able to sleep at night, not having to worry about losing my house. Thank you Tasha for all your help. You have no idea how grateful I am.

Lisa F. – Scottsdale, AZ

I highly recommend Baron at New City Financial to help save you some serious $$$. Along with being the president of the company, he was extremely knowledgeable and able to answer all my questions with an immediate response. He also was able to help me take advantage of the loan modification HAMP Program . It’s great and refreshing to have someone like Baron looking out for what’s best for his clients!! That’s very hard to find these days. He even took the time to go through my monthly budget and restructure my finances. He provided me with some tools to track ever bill I have. Now I know exactly how much money comes in and goes out every month. When I retire, I will have a nice nest egg and it’s all thanks to Baron. I will forever be in his debt. Thank you for everything.

Bobby Marinello – Bronx, NY

We used New City Financial to finance our house several years ago and now came back to them to refinance and take advantage of the great rates they were able to provide. They’re great at responding to emails, completely walking you through the process and answering any question. We have already recommended them to several of our friends who were looking to refinance. New City Financial gets the job done!

Rodney G. – San Diego, CA

Just worked with Baron and his team at New City Financial when buying our house here in Queens. Whoa, they’re awesome! Hugely responsive, speedy, professional, just great all around. As a first-time home buyer, they walked me through the process and made sure everything was perfect. I felt so confident having them working with us. Can’t imagine better service. Thank you so much.

Johnny S. – Queens. NY

I recently completed a mortgage modification with New City Financial. The process could not have been any smoother. Robert Fantini was my loan officer and he was on point the whole time. After I turned in all my documents, my loan closed within 45 days. There was no hitches, no drama, no weird request out of left field and definitely no worries about them dropping the ball. I would not hesitate to use New City Financial again.

Diane Tatum – Monticello, AR

When we needed help with our mortgage modification we called New City Financial to see if they could help. They said they could help us and that they would talk to our Lender . They talked to our lender, got them to lower our interest rate and even got them to include the taxes and the insurance into our monthly payment. Without their help, we would have lost our home. Thanks to New City Financial we are now able to stay in our home.

Mr. & Mrs. Weldon – Seattle, WA

All I can say is spectacular!!! The people at New City Financial are special. They really care about you and your situation. They help you with every step of the process. I think they went above and beyond. I would definitely recommend them to anybody seeking help.

Mario B. – Minneapolis, MN

My experience from start to finish with Baron Domenico at New City Financial has been extremely good. My husband & I thought that we would be losing our home due to a financial hardship and from day 1 he assured us that would not happen and that everything was going to work out. Through the past few months he has kept us well informed as to what to expect and what the progress was with our modification. Every time we called/e-mailed him with information or concerns he always responded quickly and always addressed the issues quickly. He has provided us with A+ customer service and I would recommend New City Financial to anyone I know who is in need of this type of service.

Gia H. – Toledo, OH

New City Financial,

Please allow me to say THANK YOU. Your genuine and professionalism made a big difference on how you handled my situation. You took me under your wing and made everything easy and hopeful to deal with. I hope that many people who might be facing certain financial challenges will have the opportunity to have your team on their side. Your company represents many moral characters such as honesty, trust, integrity and great communications that make a difference on how to deal with the situation. Once again thank you and many blessings upon your business family.

Barbara Rivera – Austin, TX

We finally have a home modification payment plan we can afford and its all thanks to Baron. He was also able to get rid of all our credit card debt. He is putting almost $2,000.00 a month back in our pockets and we no longer receive the harassing and oftentimes, rude calls from collection agencies. If you are struggling, as we were, you can imagine what having that burden lifted from you is like. There is no price I can put on that. None. I would have gladly paid him more for the peace of mind he has given both of us. I wanted to make this recommendation because so very, very, much has been done for us. Its important for us to let everyone know what Baron and his team are willing do for you, if you listen to him, and simply do what he asks of you. Its a process, but its so very much worth it. Follow his directions, he really is here to help. Thank you Baron and New City Financial. You’re simply the BEST! With sincere love,

Dale and Dorris – Jackson, TN

I recently went through a mortgage modification, and the entire process was handled by New City Financial. I must say that each phase and step was handled efficiently and professionally. The whole process took about four months, start to finish, which was actually good time. They saved our home, and left us with affordable payments. I would recommend New City Financial to anyone needing a mortgage modification.

J.M. Shaw – Seaside, OR

My name is Terry and New City Financial took care of me. I was fed up with the bank I was with. I had asked them for help for several years, with no response. New City Financial got me the help I needed. My bank wanted to foreclose on my home, but thanks to New City Financial, they saved my home from foreclosure and restructured my loan so I could afford my payments. They even got my loan moved to a better bank. Thank you.

Terry B. – Dwarf, KY

Thanks to NEW CITY FINANCIAL we have a new start. They made it possible for us to keep our home from going into FORECLOSURE. We couldn’t have done it without their help. We look forward to using their company for all our future mortgage needs. We can’t thank them enough for getting us through the MODIFICATION PROCESS. Our family is grateful with the OUTCOME. We highly recommend NEW CITY FINANCIAL.

Dennis & Dorothy Culver – Sarasota, Florida

I would love to thank New City Financial for all the help they gave me on my modification. My mortgage company interest rate was very high so my monthly mortgage was out of my budget. Being a single mother of 2 boys I am on a fixed budget each month. Thanks to New City Financial, I am able to make my mortgage payments and keep my house. They explained to me every step of the process and they also kept me informed every time the Mortgage company contacted them. If I had any questions they were there to answer them even after hours. I would recommend New City Financial to anyone having trouble with their current mortgage company or who is looking to purchase a new home.

Barbie C. – Baton Rouge, LA

It is a great pleasure that we recommend New City Financial. Specifically Baron Domenico. My wife and I recently found ourselves in a very difficult situation. The situation was due to some unfortunate circumstances. Our lender was less than cooperative and very difficult to deal with. We developed a relationship with Baron and put our trust in him. He was very compassionate and understanding of our situation. We had complete confidence in him and his ability to resolve our situation. He guided us each step of the process and handled everything from beginning to end. The result was that we received a favorable resolution that put us in a position to continue living in our home at an affordable payment. Thanks Baron, we appreciate everything you did for us.

Michael and Peggy Barnard – Columbus, OH

New City Financial was able to help me modify my mortgage when no one else could… They were informative, supportive and professional the entire time. I immediately felt relieved when speaking to them. If I had questions, I would get a CALL no matter the time to help ease my worries. The entire process was upfront and straight forward. Even after the modification was approved, communication is still kept. I can’t thank New City enough for their help — and I know I can depend on them if I have any other financial concerns that need prompt and thorough assistance!

Nika H. – Boston, MA

Thank you New City Financial. Baron Domenico, you have truly saved my house and got me a deal of the century. New City Financial not only saved my house from foreclosure, but they were able to completely remove my second mortgage, refinance my first, and keep me on track to having my house paid off in 19 years. I will be referring everyone and anyone to New City Financial.

David A. Reede – Denver, CO

Our names are Mike and Tammy and we live in Kentucky. We came to New City Financial for help to keep our home. They assured us that they could do this for us. My husband had lost his job and we had exhausted all efforts. Other attorneys told us we were going to lose our home. We had many doubts but New City Financial always assured us our home was safe. I am happy to say they were right. Their professional help was great. They did everything for us. Worry is my middle name and at times we felt so defeated but we are happy with the outcome. New City Financial, you’re awesome. We couldn’t be happier and proud to say we still own our home sweet home. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us.

Michael & Tammy F. – Versailles, KY

I am eternally grateful to Baron Domenico and for his unrelenting commitment, professionalism, and compassion to deliver me from the embarrassment, persecution and heart-ache of foreclosure. Baron responded to my online request for assistance on Labor Day! He began our relationship by listening, acting, coaching, and showing a greater sense of decency than I have ever bee treated before. Believe it or not, I did NOT trust him initially. But he understood my reluctance and distrust. Through all of my objections, numerous emails, calls after hours, during the weekends, Baron ALWAYS responded immediately to each and every one. He showed me that my family and home MATTERS. Never once did Baron make me feel as if I were a derelict or inferior for having experienced some very difficult financial times. Baron was the ONLY one that was willing, able, and committed to do everything he said that he would.

As a result of Baron’s assistance, my mortgager reduced my interest rate from 11.6% to 4%, which translates into a $1700 less per month.I highly recommend Baron and New City Financial to anyone in need of financial assistance, counseling, or pending foreclosure. He and his company are the epitome of transparency, genuine concern, and true partnering to deliver results for his clients.

Thank you, Baron for being my friend!
Gloria R. – Gulf Shores, AL