Refinance Mortgage without the hassle

NCF makes refinancing your commercial real estate property and investment property easier

Quick Approval

Qualify for a cash-out or a conventional refinance with 600 FICO.

No Income

NCF has refinancing programs for all clients, even those with no income

NO Documentation

No doc and no asset verification refinancing makes it easier for you to qualify.

No Balloons

Find only fixed period mortgage refinance terms to ensure no surprises when it comes time to payoff.

Low Refinance Rates

Refinancing with competitive interest rates can help you determine when its right to cash-out refinance.

$75k to $50M+

Refinance mortgage amounts from $75k to over $50 Million. Get the terms and amount you need when you need it.

LTV over 75%

Equity is king when it comes to Cash-Out Refinancing. NCF refinance programs offer 75% LTV and higher.

Flexible Terms

Get the terms that match your short or long-term goals. NCF offers: 3, 8, & 30 Year Refinance Terms.


Refinance Mortgage Property Types

Explore how New City Financial can provide Cash Out and Refinance options with these and other investment properties.