How to Close Investment Property Deals

The emphasis on completing deals, particularly in real estate and sales, might lead us to believe that closing deals are more difficult or time-consuming than accomplishing any other objective. However, no matter what you are trying to do — completing more deals, setting higher objectives, or employing real estate rock stars — the winning strategy is the same for everyone. And it doesn’t begin with a call to action. It all starts with your thoughts and feelings towards the objective.

There are a number of reasons why people choose to work with real estate investment coaches. They often hear, “I want to close more deals.” That’s a very reasonable and perfectly logical objective. However, what they actually want is to achieve greater levels of success in their endeavors.

The formula for closing deals

What is your secret to completing deals? If you have previous sales expertise, your response to this question is likely to be focused on how you have successfully completed deals in the past. Although experience is important, it can also be limiting if it is used to determine your future.

As a investment property expert, your technique for closing deals should be considerably different from most others in the industry. That is a complicated matter to answer since “some deals close, and other deals don’t.” Why should you care about this? When it comes to closing deals, playing the numbers game is the most effective strategy. The more you explore, the more opportunities you will find. One of the most important obstacles to completing a deal is the unwillingness to remain flexible and move ahead even when the agreement does not complete.

Being emotionally related to the achievement or failure of each individual real estate deal is easy, particularly for first-time real estate investors. However, concentrating only on the success of a single endeavor might restrict your ability to capitalize on future chances. The magic occurs when you get through the fear or sting of “failure.”

Success is more than closing deals

It is not necessary to close a certain number of deals to achieve success. Knowing that your ultimate objective is far greater than the project you are now focusing on allows you to have a more realistic perspective on what you genuinely want to achieve in your life and career. Occasionally, the failure of a deal might be more beneficial than the completion of the process. Remember to pay attention and keep moving ahead when a deal doesn’t work out because life is teaching you something that you will need in the future to close a larger, better deal in the future.

You’re playing the simple game when you just care about closing more deals. Play the long game by committing to success and being enthusiastic about the prospect of uncovering your own unique path to reaching it, no matter how many or what deals you complete in order to get there.

Align yourself with success

If you have read any earlier writings, it should not come as a surprise that the most effective approach to achieving success is to match your mental state with success.

If this is a new idea to you, here is a brief explanation of what it means. Your frame of reference is your mental surroundings; you may also consider it your aspirations. Your frame determines your state of mind. Your mentality influences the development of your plan and the execution of your activities. The most effective methods and most productive behaviors are born out of a frame that aligns with your goals and accepts the challenges that life throws at you. Affirming your goals and aligning your frame with achievement, no matter what life has in store for you at any given time, is the quickest, simplest, and most pleasurable approach to converting desire into reality.

When you connect your framework with your actual goal—success—you can release the strain that comes with individual transactions and begin to play a more effective long game.

Concentrate on what you have control over.

Let us take it, step by step. What exactly is the deal? An agreement established by two persons is referred to as a consensus. That is what makes the process of concluding agreements so uncertain. Looking back on your career, I am sure there are some transactions you were positive would close but did not, and other deals you were convinced would never happen that did wind up getting through. The outcome is not a reflection of your work ethic, preparedness, or expertise on the project. It is not a personal attack. You were either able to come to an agreement or unable to.

You control yourself and no one else. Have you ever spent time before an interaction analyzing how you will control the outcome? This is a fool’s errand. No matter how much we prepare, we can never control other people. No matter how passionate you are about a specific deal, the result lies in the hands of another person. Not closing a deal isn’t a failure. It simply means an agreement wasn’t reached, and it’s time to move on to the next deal.

Because we have no control over other people, directing our attention to what we can influence is more productive. There is just one thing over which you have the total command: your attitude of mind. Stay away from the minutiae of everyday life. It makes no difference what the market is doing or whether or not you were able to complete a transaction you wanted; it is all about your attitude of mind.

Your frame defines your starting position. Your goal is to achieve success. Before taking any action, begin from a position of success and confidence in yourself. If a contract does not close, tell yourself that it is not because a better one is not on the way. “I am not sure what transaction will conclude next, but I am certain it will be successful.” Determine that you are absolutely correct, and you will begin to understand the power of your own mind and perception.

You are never more than a phone call away from completing a transaction. It makes no difference what occurred yesterday or last year. Anything might happen in the next upcoming moments. Instead of being a daily slog focused entirely on completing more business, once you begin to live in that reality, your life may transform into an exciting adventure along your own route to success. Which one do you think sounds more entertaining?

The bottom line

When it comes to completing transactions, there is no formula. A contract is an agreement between two persons. And, since the only person you have authority over is yourself, there is no failsafe way for completing sales transactions. Just keep in mind that it’s as easy as this: some transactions close, and others don’t. Make a conscious decision to connect yourself with accomplishment and begin pursuing additional opportunities.

Success is the beginning point, not the goal, of your journey.

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