What Should I Note When Taking a Commercial Property Loan?

There are certain times in life when an individual may require money for an important need without having any legitimate source of support.  In times like this, your commercial property can be very useful.  There are a lot of financial institutions that can provide you the loan you need with reference to the property you own. But it’s not just right to jump into any deal without taking note of some things. If you are about taking a commercial property loan, below are certain considerations to make.

Loan Amount

The amount of loan you will receive will depend on the value of the property. The lending company usually makes the evaluation, and each company has its own criteria for evaluation. Generally, most companies will give about 50 to 70% of the value of the borrower’s property. So, you have to try different lenders and see which one has the highest valuation for your property.

What is the interest rate?

The interest rate on the loan is where the lender will make their money.  Secured loans are always lower than loans that are unsecured. Lenders will have various levels of rates, so it’s important to look at their rates before closing the deal.  Some borrowers have made their lives more difficult because they opted to pay high interests on loans that are not commensurate with their monthly incomes.   You can avoid that mistake by choosing the right lender with the best interest rates for you.


While some lenders will gladly reduce your interest rates when you end the loan quickly, others usually charge a fee for foreclosure. It doesn’t really make any sense to pay a penalty because you have decided to repay the full loan amount earlier than the proposed deal. Instead, you should be forfeiting some interest payments. So when selecting a lending company, choose a lender that will cut down your interests when you close the loan early. This will help you save cost.

There are other charges you need to consider when taking a commercial property loan such as legal charges, registration fees, as well as assessing charges. All these should be factored into your consideration before making your most preferred choice of a lending company.