Use Your Equity Mortgage

Are you using your property to the fullest of its value? Is your property owned or partially owned by you? Did you know that you could use it for a productive purpose?

What Is Equity Mortgage?

An equity mortgage is a loan or credit secured keeping your property or part of your property as equity or security. If your property is if fully owned by you, you can use the full value of the property to get an equity. If it is partially owned meaning if you paid a part of your mortgage, you can use that value to get a loan on it.

Why Do We Need To Use It?

Taking an equity mortgage on your property makes sense because your property will become productive only then. You can use the equity mortgage to take a loan for various purposes. This could help you in your business or for other purposes. So how can you use it? New City Financial is here to advise you and help you use it profitably.

Get Cash

Getting cash out meaning you get a cash loan on your equity mortgage. You can use this cash for various purposes. As a businessman, you can use it to expand your business or use this as an investment for a new business. Another means of using this cash is to make the down payment on a new property.

Debt Consolidation

You can use the cash you get from an equity mortgage loan to pay off your other debts like credit card payments, car loans or bank loans. It makes sense to have a mortgage loan because the interest rate on this loan is much lesser than the other loans you wish to close.

Get a Line Of Credit

You could get a line of credit that you can use when you wish. You can use the line of credit for your regular monthly expenses or you can use it to pay some emergency expenses in your business, like upgrading your existing machinery.

There are many private money lenders to give you the equity mortgage.