Serving the People Financially

Everyone needs money. We understand that more than anyone else because we deal in that. Private money lenders have been providing funds for people for a long time. Their commitment to serving the people have made them some of the best options.

People want to buy property because it is one of the best investments even today. Some want it just as investment and others want to buy a property to live in – what they want to call home. What if you are not qualified to get loans from banks? No worries.

How Do Private Lenders Help?

Private lenders are best for you. They will help people get their coveted property and they don’t want them to lose it because of lack of funds. Just apply for a mortgage with any private lender and buy that property you wanted. The terms of the loan are simple.

The private money lenders don’t insist on a high credit score like the banks. The procedures don’t require you to show any income proof or tax documents. The loans come at very nominal interest rates and they don’t insist on a balloon payment. You can choose from 10 to 30 years amortized term.

They also provide loans for people who want to take it on traditional terms. Whether your credits are high or low, they will take care of your money requirements.

Serving Your Business Is Their Business

Businessmen are always eyeing new businesses. Or they may want to expand their existing businesses. It is not always possible for them to go to the banks with their property for loans. Banks insist on strict documentation and high credits. Banks need time to process your loans.

It is at that time that private money lenders come to your help. With easy interest rates and high LTVs, they will ensure you get the necessary funds. And they don’t penalize you for closing your loans early. The procedures are fast and easy. They also provide for a long term of 30 years with no requirement for balloon payment.

The private lenders are quick with their formalities so that you get your money fast.