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Finance Your Business

You need money to expand your business and don’t know where to go? You need to buy new equipment and you are wondering who will finance it. Or you have spotted that new business which you want to acquire, but don’t have the money? You are not alone. A lot of businessmen are out there like you. They all have excellent business ideas that need to be financed. But the banks or the conventional lenders won’t oblige unless your credit is excellent.

Banks and other lenders have too many formalities to complete before they can extend you a loan. Banks need you to have a good credit score. They need to analyze your business prospects and calculate how much you will earn from the business or the property that you wish to finance. There are also strict rules regarding the underwriting process.

Banks also require you to make a balloon payment after a fixed period. This may not be as easy as you imagine as the amount could be much higher than your planned monthly repayment.

The procedures and formalities could take a long time to complete. Your needs are immediate considering that you need to start the business and get it to run soon.

Why Should You Go To Private Money Lenders?

Private money lenders are looking for new borrowers. They have the experience in this business to assess a good borrower and they are ready to help him to the best of their efforts.

Private lenders have helped many companies to get over hard times. They have helped businesses expand and grow. They offer flexible terms so that your business goals are achieved.

They require just a 650+ mid-FICO to qualify for loans unlike banks who ask for 720+.

Unlike banks, they don’t charge any prepayment penalties. It is your wish if you want to close your loans early. The interest rates are very nominal at 6.74% and there no balloon payments.