Debt Settlements Rise in the Recession – Is Debt Settlement a Legitimate Relief Tactic?


It is because of the recession that many debtors have settled their debts in the most ethical and legitimate manner. Many financial institutions such as the credit/debit card companies are not very keen to debt settlements. But to overcome the impact of recession, now these firms have also started accepting debt settlements to attain easier payments.

Recession and Debt Settlement

Because of recession striking the market, debt settlement cases have shown a considerable rise. Many have been attracted to financial relief due to consumer bailouts and personal bailouts. This step taken by the government has brought relief for many financial companies. People who considered negotiating with the debtors a risk now have started taking that step forward.

Compared to other options available in the market, financial settlement is one of the quicker debt relief solutions though it might take some time. The best part of this process is the money you save at the end of it. The results might vary but there is confirm chance of saving some money at the end of it. The after effects of debt settlement on your credit score are far less detrimental as compared to being marked bankrupt on your credit report.

What can you expect from Debt Settlement?

In case of debt settlement, the lender does not ask for any collateral as in there is no need to keep your home, land or assets on mortgage. In addition to this, there is also no need for you to enter a long term debt that is secured by your asset in order to get rid of your previous debt. People who have used consolidation methods have found out that they have ended up paying much more than anticipated.


Debt settlement is just not a tactic and companies such as New City Financial have proved it. They have made a strong difference in eliminating a major percentage of your debt and avoid getting in to bankruptcy.