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Debt Settlement and Consolidation
Having trouble paying your bills? Avoiding the phone because you think it will be a collection agency? Are your accounts being turned over to debt collectors? Are you worried about losing your home or your car?
You’re not alone. Many people face a financial crisis some time in their lives. Whether the crisis is caused by personal or family illness, the loss of a job, or overspending, it can seem overwhelming. But often, it can be overcome. Your financial situation doesn’t have to go from bad to worse.
If you or someone you know is in financial hot water, we may be able to help. Often times through our experience and expertise we can settle debts by 40-60%. As well as getting you into affordable monthly payments. After a few years you can be out of debt. Stop the sleepless nights and harassing calls from creditors; get started now and end this stressful situation.
Debt Settlement – How It Works
All of our clients are treated as an individual and not a number in a computer. We review each case on a case by case basis and negotiate the best terms on your behalf. Often reducing your debt by 40 to 60% and can lower your monthly payments by 50%. Based on what you can afford to pay into your settlement account we determine how many months it will take to become debt free!
This is not credit counseling and we only work for you not the creditors.
Debt We Can Help Settle:
Credit Card Debt
Unsecured Loans
Unsecured Personal Loans
Unsecured Personal Lines of credit
Collections, Reposed Autos
Medical Bills
Debt Not Eligible For Settlement:
  • Home Mortgages
  • Student Loans
  • Car Loans
  • Secured Loans
Tax Settlement
What Is Tax Settlement?
An agreement that is made between the IRS or State Taxing specialists that allow the taxpayer to retreat from the outstanding debt that is owed at a lesser cost than the actual amount.
Who Qualifies For tax Settlement?
Both individuals and businesses can qualify for tax relief dependent upon the mitigating circumstances. Qualifications vary from case to case, but most require some form of financial distress and inability to pay the full amount. Consultants are here to answer your questions, assist you in understanding your options and rights, and determine a beneficial course of action.
How It Works
For the IRS to come to an agreement, they must first see if you qualify. The taxpayer will first have to do an analysis and decide which type of tax settlement they would like to apply for, then submit the appropriate forms to the IRS so that they can review before making a final decision. Typically, taxes are paid in full, but some exceptions are given depending on the individual’s circumstance.
Credit Repair:
How Can Bad Credit Be Repaired?
The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) affords you, the consumers, the legal right to dispute inaccurate, outdated, and erroneous information on your credit report with the credit bureaus and your creditors.
What We Do
When you enroll into Debt Rehab’s credit restoration program, with the assistance of a credit monitoring service of your choosing, we will acquire your credit report from the three major reporting agencies, Transunion, Experian, and Equifax. Our team will then conduct a credit analysis and determine a plan of action to remove the inaccuracies from your credit.
The Process
When an item is disputed with the credit bureaus, it means that a consumer is demanding that they perform an investigation to determine the validity of the account and whether or not it should be listed on the consumer’s credit report. If the credit bureau cannot verify the item or accuracy thereof, the FCRA requires that the listing is either corrected to reflect that or completely deleted. Another aspect of the credit repair process is to work directly with the consumer’s creditors to remove the negative items from the report. At times, all it takes is a simple request of the creditors, especially if the information in question is inaccurate. In situations where this approach is unsuccessful, the FCRA along with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA) provide the necessary incentive for creditors and collection agencies to prove the validity of the reported accounts.
The Cost Of Bad Credit
Whether purchasing a home, car, or a cell phone, credit is a necessity and bad credit can be the difference between achieving these things at a higher interest rate. Sometimes, it can even be the difference between approval and denial.

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