Commercial Mortgage Loans – Here’s How to Approach Potential Lenders

With the economic conditions and other limitation factors, it’s always very challenging to get a commercial mortgage loan. But there are certain things to make sure you stand a better chance to succeed. Below is a better way of approaching potential lenders when seeking for commercial mortgage loans.

First impressions matter

First impressions usually matter when it comes to negotiating for commercial mortgage loans. You won’t be given all the time in the world to convince the lender and provide concrete reasons why your loan should be approved. Remember appraisals will be carried out on the property so, it’s important to do a proper research and get everything ready before deciding to secure a property loan.

You need to be organized

Any potential lender will want to know whether you are financially responsible. This is usually the first thing they will look at, and what they find out about your ability to organize will help you a great deal. Before seeking out a lender, make sure all your documents are ready and up to date.

A sound knowledge of the property

Before going to the lender, you need to carry out your own research and find out all you can about the mortgage property. For instance, you need to evaluate the rent prices and find out whether it’s below or above market value. Research properly and find out the value of the property in today’s market.  In case you are looking to refinance, let the lender know the difference between what you are asking for and what you owe. This will help a great deal when they are evaluating you for the mortgage loan.

Your financial documents, including records of your financial statements for three years, tax records, rent rolls, and other financial records need to be up to date. This is arguably the most important aspect the prospective lender is going to look at.


Take about 4 digital photos of the property.   It will show the lender that the building has been properly maintained.  This will help you convince the lender that maintenance of the building after the loan will not be neglected.

Overall, your chances of getting a commercial mortgage loan will largely depend on your preparations and how clearly you have been able to convince the potential lender with your track records.