What you should know about low Commercial Real Estate Loan rate

gCommercial loans refer to the loan provided by a lender for retail, office and industrial freehold for investors and owner occupiers. This loan is aimed at providing the financial support for commercial purposes such as property development, business acquisitions or investment opportunities.

It is natural to expect the most competitive, lowest possible loan rates, but did you know that you can take simple action and drop your loan rates?

Points – your new friends

Say hello to “Points”. Points are a partial payment of your loan amount, a small percentage, that you can choose to pay your lender. Each point equals 1% of your total loan amount. So, if you were to plan a loan of $200,000 each point would be worth $2,000 and paying this or multiples of this, would help to lower the rate of interest for you.

When to opt?

Lowering the rate of interest by paying up points may sound interesting and a smart thing to do, but it may not always benefit you. Unless you plan to occupy the premises for long term, you would not notice the benefit. It would be better for you to continue normal loan rates in case you have a short-term occupancy plans.

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